GEMMELL’S was established in 1925 by William Gemmell and has remained in our family since the very beginning. Today, the GEMMELL’S team is lead by 3rd generation owner, Ian Gemmell and his sons Arran and Blair. The two boys are carrying forward the unmatched workmanship and commitment to customer service of their father, grandfather and great grandfather before them. Our family’s commitment to the company has never wavered.  Every generation that has gone before leaves behind a set of skills and a vision for the next generation. This generational learning is what makes our family business truly unique.



Our craft defines GEMMELL’S. Every member of the GEMMELL’S team is trained using traditional tools and machines that deliver a consistently high standard of repair or leathercraft without compromise. Although our craft is founded on tradition, GEMMELL’S has successfully maintained pace with the ever-evolving fashion industry by marrying old with new.